How To REACH YOUR GOALS Without Dieting, Extremes, or Hating Yourself to Get There
You CAN lose weight without diets, strict rules, or falling off the wagon.
Here's what we'll cover in this 30min workshop:
  •  How to FINALLY lose weight without sacrificing your physical and mental health, or social life.
  •  Why dieting is hurting and not helping you (& your kids) become healthy and happy.
  •  Strategies for pursuing LASTING fat loss WITHOUT diets.
  •  Where you've been going wrong and why when it comes to your past fitness choices.
  •  What health lie you've been sold and what to do about it.
  •  Why your current focus is irrelevant and what you should focus on instead.

For a limited time...

Registrants who attend receive our popular Busy Mom's Making It Happen Workout Series for FREE.
What if I'm pregnant?
We think pregnancy is a great time to be healthy! These habits are fantastic for your health and wellness, and while you might want to adjust them for slight weight gain, the basics are there for you to feel great during your 9 months. 
What if I don't have time?
Everyone’s day, season of life, priorities, and schedules look different. We don’t expect you to follow the same eating plan as everyone else. Jen, Annie, and Lauren are all healthy and active, and yet, all eat and move differently. That’s the real beauty of this program!
What if I fail, AGAIN?
There is NO failing in this program. There are no strict diet rules, no foods off limits, no falling off the wagon. We teach you how to use our proven habits and mold them to fit into YOUR life.
Will I be able to ask questions live?
These workshops are NOT live, so LIVE Q&A is not available, however feel free to comment below the video and we'll reply as soon as we can!
Lauren is a habit based nutrition coach who battled 10 years of disordered eating and body image issues before finding her way to the other side. Her approach is simple and evidence-based and she can't wait to show you how to ditch extreme diets and find out what works for YOUR life. Lauren is the Mom of one girl and a boy on the way!
Annie is a strength coach and competitive powerlifter and a Mom of three active and athletic children! Annie is passionate about helping women reach their strength and conditioning goals.
Jen is a personal trainer who specializes in working with pre & postnatal women and Mom of three boys. She loves helping women stay strong and healthy during pregnancy and recover safely from childbirth, while minimizing pain and injuries, like diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues.
Ready to have a solid health plan that's TESTED, PROVEN, and RESULTS DRIVEN to create the freedom, flexibility, and healthy life you've only dreamed about?
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